Garden Journal: 22 April 2019

Trying out a gardening journal this year! Maybe I will track my plants a little better this year than last! After admittedly getting a little later start than normal planting my vegetable garden this year. It is going surprisingly well!

Last week I planted my whole annual vegetable garden in a new location. After we had some trees cut this past winter, I found the perfect little spot surrounding a massive pine tree stump. The garden this year circles the decaying stumping and trails off both sides and down the gentle slope stopping just before our patio. I am hoping this will be a fun experiment year with the garden as I am testing my hand at many new things.

Along the backside of the garden I sowed polar bear zinnias from Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seeds. I hope they will make a beautiful backdrop for all my peppers and tomatoes. We went a little crazy with those! At the front I planted rows of marigolds and alternating varieties of watermelon seeds. If the watermelons do half as well as the pumpkins last year we will have a watermelon wonderland!

Already in the last few days we have had some spring showers and everything is already popping up! I am so excited to see how this new area grows. Planting spring gardens each year is something I really look forward to. There is nothing like tending to a garden especially an organic one and watching it grow and turn into food to feed your family. Follow along as we live, learn and grow our little garden this year.

Get your hands dirty and get gardening today!