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Welcome to the world of Hopeberry Hollow. Where friendships collide with magical adventures. Bailee Banana & Benjamin Basil are the debut characters of our 1st book The Great adventures of Banana & Basil. Book 2 in the series, Journey to Frostberry Woods, is a heartfelt adventure that ignites a special spark that leads friends to a wondrous place where they find courage, friendship and compassion. Those qualities expand far outside Frostberry Woods. Wait and see the adventure for yourselves.


The Great Adventures of B & B

In our debut children’s book The Great Adventures of Banana & Basil we explore the courage and love it takes for two friends to set out on an adventure to help a friend in need. This story will bring new joy and the spirit of adventure into any home.

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Journey to Frostberry Woods

Coming Spring 2020!

Journey to Frostberry Woods is the second book in the banana & basil series. This book is full of kindness, compassion, helping friends, summer fun and more. The characters in this book are so much fun. We can’t wait to share the joy with you. Book coming Spring 2020!

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Abstract Minis

Our Illustrator Jackie stays hard at work creating beautiful pieces of art. Jackie loves to use vibrant colors and playful brush strokes to create pieces that are uniquely her own. You can choose from one of our collections or contact us to have something specifically designed for you. So much love and joy go into each and each piece we sell.

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Our Adventures

We are all about adventure around here. In our first book Bailee Banana & Benjamin Basil travel to Pirate’s Cove in hope to find the pink magnolia. Book 2 coming Spring 2020 will explore a little history of Hopeberry Hollow and uncover the mysterious world of Frostberry Woods. Visit our store to check out the adventures for yourself!


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


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