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Sneak peeks of our next book coming your way. Journey to Frostberry Woods coming 2020!



The Great Adventures of B & B


In our debut children’s book The Great Adventures of Banana & Basil we explore the courage and love it takes for two friends to set out on an adventure to help a friend in need. This story will bring new joy and the spirit of adventure into any home.

Mini Works on Paper


Beautifully created child inspired artwork for your home. In these whimsical paintings, we focus on play, process, and color. Grab your favorite to complete your gallery wall, brighten your bookshelf, or simply bring color to your home.

Commission a Custom Illustrated Story

Flower field.jpg

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to have a story done specifically about your child that was unlike any other gift you could ever buy, well we have a solution for you. Have our author and illustrator create a custom short story featuring your little one for your family to cherish for years to come.



Meet Kelli

I went to school for Pediatric Massage Therapy and loved every minute of it; I couldn’t get enough! Little did I know that would help set me up for a career in writing, designing children’s books just a few years later. I took several art & therapeutic education classes, where I learned abstract play and creative writing techniques. After school, when I began working independently, I combined these two techniques and found my own creative voice.

I discovered I had a passion for writing in my time spent with clients. I enjoy creating depth in my work with energetic expressions, color and most importantly….a heart for serving others. My favorite inspiration comes from the beautiful and unusual forms that appear in nature, past and present.

  I value creating inspirational and playful content children can grow with.

When I am not creating my next piece of work. I may be found playing in the garden, daydreaming, decorating and traveling to far off places going on adventures of my own!

“ My hope is that I create work with life and emotion that fully engage the young reader. I want my books to evoke warmth and be experienced.”