The perfect heart felt adventure series for kids.

In this fun filled adventure series, Kelli helps us better understand love of family, the gift of serving another, new friendships and above all else never be afraid to be the beautiful person you were created to be.



This series follows two sweet friends Miss. Bailee Banana and Mr. Benjamin Basil. No matter what they may face it is all about helping Grandpa B. Will they succeed? Make sure you find out what this sweet little series is all about. More adventures coming soon!


Soft Cover
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E book
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Cuteness overload!

“I was so happy when I came across this sweet story. It turned out to be a total hit with my granddaughter!”

— J.A.

Sweet and sassy.

“Banana and Basil was so cool! I love those crazy characters. They sure go on some silly adventures, I think I might go on their next adventure with them!”

— W.G.

More adventures please!

“I love Bailee Banana she is so awesome and cool. I think I want to be just like her someday! I cant wait for Ms. Kelli’s next book!!!”

— M.B.



Your adventure awaits.

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